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Iron Globe

Iron Globe

Iron Globe Auctions Ltd. & Iron Globe Xchange are pleased to announce
that the Xchange is now up and running & some of you have taken
of our initial FREE service for our Members. As one of the fastest
growing website of it's kind in North America, we want to draw your
to our Auction facilities. This would be of particular interest to
dealers of Heavy Equipment, Forestry, Farming & Agricultural
equipment, as
well as those dealing in Heavy Trucks, on-road + off-road.

For any company that wants to list their equipment in our Xchange,
it's FREE for the time being, or you may list your equipment in our
auctions, Reserved or Unreserved, either as inspected item
(additional costs) or non-inspected items.

We are offering incredibly low introductry fees of 2% if you list
10 or more items, and 3% for under 10 items. You only pay if your
sells, as we are waiving all our initial fees.

So please take advantage of our FREE initial advertising on our
Xchange or list your equipment in our 7Day auctions.

You only need to advertise with one site to get the Local, National,
and Global exposure.

Please contact us any time,


Iron Globe
[email protected]

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