Useful Power Data

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This is the kind of data that I want to see but in broarder format with an extensive data
bank input.

Gleaned from

"I've been a CompuTrainer user perhaps more than anyone over the past 7 years. I credit CompuTrainer
with providing the device that displays the wattage, works smoothly, has endured over
30,000miles/50,000km, and more than anything, has upped the intensity at which I train and can
therefore race. I live in Northern Ontario, and long winters necessitate indoor riding from October
until May. I also do key workouts from June to September indoors on the CompuTrainer. I put 5-6000
miles (8-10,000km) per year on my CompuTrainer which is half my yearly bike total. I windtrained
until '96 on a basic windtrainer and thought then that I was working as hard as I could, but the
first thing the CompuTrainer (and its wattage metre did ) was to up the intensity on those long (6
hour) indoor rides from heart rates around 120 to now 140. This has led to better base building and
ultimately to greater bike stength and faster rides in Hawaii each October. I value the CompuTrainer
primarily for its wattage measuring. After 2-3 months of mileage and those long rides, which
incidentally aren't that bad with Led Zeppelin, or Van Halen, the Cult or AC/DC blaring, I start
into a tempo month where 1-2 hour rides at a wattage of 290-330 are attained. By April, it is now
long interval month and something like 5 times 12minutes at 340-370 with 2-3 minutes recovery at 150
watts is typical. May is short interval month and 5 times 3 minutes at 380-430 with 3 minutes
recovery is the workout of the week. I can usually count on my wife to cheer me through the last
anaerobic minute of these as she does them too and knows well the pain. All along, I do weekly one
legged drills, 15 times one minute for each leg, and spinning, 4 times six minutes at 120rpm. By the
time the 40km triathlons roll around in June/July, I'm at my best and this past year
(2002), I was able to win five races including Muskoka and Guelph, provincials (long and short) and
Nationals (long), with the fastest bike split at 4 out of 5 of them. "

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