Usefulness Of Personal Weather Station

oportosanto said:
I use windguru and I like it a lot because it's pretty reliable top track the weather down, so I really don't have a need to invest in a personal weather station.
Is that a computer app, phone app or a website? Always on the lookout for new weather apps so if it's for smartphones I'll be happy haha.

Has anyone in the UK checked out the new weather watchers thing on the BBC site? For those not in the know you can sign up and people report the weather conditions for where they are, often accompanied with a picture.

Pretty interesting stuff seeing how it can be so different only a few miles away.
It's nice to know that you have an app for the weather report. Over here, it's not much of use because the forecast is sometimes wrong. However, I haven't seen cyclists here using apps for the weather because normally we just play it by ear. The look of the sky can tell us if it's going to rain or rain hard or maybe it's just trying to scare the bikers. But when there is a storm like what we are having yesterday and today then the ride is cancelled.
I have a little home weather station, but I can't say that it really tells me much more than the standard weather report thing I get on my iPod. It basically shows me the temperature inside and out as well as the humidity. It's also got a little guy in the corner that has a raincoat and umbrella when it's rainy out, and shorts and a T-shirt when it's sunny, so that's fun...not exactly scientific though :p
I have one synchronized with my mobile phone via bluetooth. It is really easy to see current and upcoming weather situation and know what is coming in the next hours.