UV Rays / decrease of corneal antioxidant

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    Physiol Res. 2004;53(1):1-10. Related Articles, Links

    UV Rays, the prooxidant/antioxidant imbalance in the cornea and oxidative eye damage.

    Cejkova J, Stipek S, Crkovska J, Ardan T, Platenik J, Cejka C, Midelfart A.

    Department of Eye Histochemistry and Pharmacology, Institute of Experimental Medicine, Academy of
    Sciences of the Czech Republic, Videnska 1083, 14220, Prague 4, Czech Republic, e-mail:
    [email protected]

    In this minireview, the factors involved in the development of corneal injury due to an increased
    amount of UVB rays are summarized. Experimental studies have shown that an increased number of UVB
    rays leads to a profound decrease in corneal antioxidants (high molecular weight, antioxidant
    enzymes as well as low molecular weight, mainly ascorbic acid) so that a prooxidant/antioxidant
    imbalance appears. The decrease of corneal antioxidant protective mechanisms results in oxidative
    injury of the cornea and causes damage of the inner parts of the eye by UVB rays and by reactive
    oxygen species generated by them.

    PMID: 14984308 [PubMed - in process]


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