V-Rex Chain ?

Discussion in 'Recumbent bicycles' started by To Father Time, Aug 16, 2003.

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  1. Hello All,

    I counted the links in my old chain with 5000 miles of wear.

    My original V-Rex chain has 250 links.

    Does anyone know if this is standard?

    The reason that I am asking is that my lbs mechanic turnover is high--they have always worked on my
    V-Rex in the past--though their various mechanics seemed unfamiliar with recumbents.

    Therefore, I can not be sure if my existing chain link count is standard.

    My new SRAM PC99 chains have 114 links each this includes their gold powerlink.

    I plan to remove 92 of the standard links for a proper length. 114 X 3 = 342 then 342 - 250 = 92

    Thank you very much,

    Father Time

Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.