Vacation and racing in Belgium

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Ever wanted to race in Belgium? Ever wanted to really know what it's like to race on cobbled
streets, in the gutter, on small Euro roads, with tons of spectators lining the streets?

But, don't have time to figure out what to do or where to go? Can't speak French or Flemish? Here's
a great way to go on a vacation and get to race at the same time.

Ever wanted to be treated like a pro? Massages after races, feed zone support, team follow
car, waterbottles filled for you everyday, and all the assistance you need to have fun and
focus on racing.

On this vacation, all you will have to do is race! This is the dream of all bike racers, make it a
dream come true in Belgium this summer!

Here's your opportunity! We are taking a group of racers over to Belgium for a RACING VACATION, June
28th- July 6th. Only 15 riders can go on this trip(10 needed for the trip to occur), and we would
like for you to be a Cat. 2 or higher in order for you to not get shelled everyday and have fun! We
will consider Cat. 3 riders with strong watt per kilogram ratios and resumes.

Please visit our website for complete details.

The Staff at The Peaks Coaching Group "We care about your Success!"

-~- The Peaks Coaching Group -~- We care about your success -~-
-~-540-587-9025 ph.
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