Vaccine Exemption Forms and Information, USA

>Subject: Vaccine Exemption Forms and Information, USA
>From: [email protected] (john)
>Date: 2/11/04 2:35 AM Eastern Standard Time
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>Exemption Forms and Information

All but two states allow parents to object to and not have to vaccinate their children.

In Indiana all you have to do is to give the school board a letter where you object to having the
child vaccinated.

In Kentucky, it must be a religious excemption.

In every case, you are dealing with bureaucrats. The law requires some paperwork to be filed with
your child's school folder. That paperwork may be a vaccination record or your letter objecting to
it, but some form must be on file.

Do not expect the school officials to believe it, accept it, or even understand it. That is just
part of the great medical deception going on.