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Jan 11, 2002
Here's wishing everyone a happy or romantic Valentines Day! Reminder to those who are involved, don't forget to spoil the one you love, even if it's just to acknowledge the fact that you love them. To the other singles out there, remember there are more in the same "boat" - let's start fishing! ;)
Hey Elsa.. The day is not over yet. Maybe the surprize is on its way..Hope you having a wonderfull day and the prince on the white horse is only waiting for you to get home.
Pothole, do you know something I don't? ;) (as far as the surprise?) as for the day so far... well, I've had propositions, but unfortunately it's all from the unavailable guys, so they don't count! ;) What about you, your day faring any better? And as for the prince on the white horse waiting for me to get home - I don't think so... UNLESS you definitely know something I don't? ;) ;D
Not to bad a day - A sweatie pie, a TV Bar and one of this little red hearts - on my desk this morning
Sent my valentine a big bunch of roses with a teddy bear. As she is working tonight we wont be going out, but tommmorow night I'm packing a picnic basket and we gonna picknic under the stars. :D
½ hr late for work this morning! Couldn't get out of bed! ;D
My fiance is the on the other side of the world... :(

Thank you Interflora and mobile phones!

We're doing the L'etap du Tour together this year - that'll DEFINITELY make up for being apart.
It's our wedding anniversary!!! :eek: Romantic eh!! ;D No excuse for forgetting the date! ::) Just back from too much food & wine! I'll ride it all off on Saturday morning! (The Cormorant). ;)
Hey, congrats Old Timer!
I'll be seeing you at the Cormorant on Saturday. Any clues as to how I can spot you?
VO2 - I suggest you look for the guy with a One Million Dollar smile. Should be him.
After Valentines, most guys are walking around with a smile on their face... ;D
:( I live in a country that is a bit too religious, and a bit too conservative :(