Valentines Day, a new KH29, and first impressions

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  1. norry

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    So it’s the morning of February 14th and my ever suffering wife asks if
    I were to get a present what would I ask for?

    ‘If you got me a KH29 you would be the best wife in the world’ I
    jokingly reply.

    She smiles, a knowing smile. Your joking right I ask her!

    Then this arrives in the post


    Suffice to say I was a little surprised! I mean I go on and on about
    Unicycles, which ones I would love to buy, etc but I didn’t expect her
    to actually listen!

    Fast forward to Saturday and I finally get to take it out for a test
    run. Normally it would have been built the very second it arrived, but
    I was off work decorating the house and feeling a little guilty about
    my wife’s generous gift.

    Mounting achieved on the second attempt (not used to the 150 cranks and
    bigger wheel) and off we go. WOW. This thing feels fast. I took it on
    some light XC for 5 miles and averaged at 7-8 miles/hour with a top
    speed of 11. I love the nimble feeling it gives and how you can swing
    and learn into corners quite hard. And for the size it feels light,
    lighter than my old muni at a guess. The harder tyre took some getting
    use to compared to the low PSI of the 3” 24 tyre that soaks up every
    thing. I also love the rail adapter which means I can tilt the seat up
    quite high.

    Best Valentines to date, top wife, cool Uni.

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  2. Eddbmxdude

    Eddbmxdude Guest

    hey! If my girlfriend bought me a new uni for valentines mabey i would
    have got her something! Mabey......
    Nice one man!


    Why Use two wheels when one is twice as good?

    Its like England here....... Iv never seen so much sun!

    If quizz's are quizzical, what are tests?
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