Valuation of Bike with a dent


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Apr 1, 2011
I really appreciate any help anyone is willing to offer. I have a friend that is selling a Cannondale Caad 5 for $550. Both derailers have been upgraded to Ultegra. The only problem is it has a dent on the frame, see attached picture. I have 2 questions.
Question 1.) Is it likely this dent will affect the structural integrity of the bike?
Question 2.) How much less is a bike worth with a dent? In other words, is the bike worth $550?


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Appears to be cosmetic. Do you trust your friend? Is the dent going to bother you about the appearance of the bike?
That is a small dent that is not near any welds. I don't think that it will be a problem for you. I can't tell you if the bike is worth $550 with the littlle information that you have provided but I don't think that a small dent in the frame is going to deduct much off of the price.