value of my Trek?


New Member
Apr 5, 2010
Hey all, new here but I'll save the formalities for later! Just had a quick question. I purchased a 2008 Trek 1.2 last June from my local Trek dealer and due to planning a trip to study in Italy this summer I'm considering selling the bike to get some extra money for the trip. (I figure I can get another bike down the road when I can afford it again but I need the money more right now) I bought it new (it was the last of his 08 stock so I got it at a really great deal with the Trek frame warranty, etc.) and have put probably less than 50 miles on it as I didn't end up using it as much as I thought I would. It's white, blue and black accents, alpha aluminum, alexrims, carbon fork and seatpost, and I've added Cateye lights and a bontrager ultralight water bottle holder. I'm no expert on road bikes so I wanted to see what everyone here thought would be a reasonable price to start out asking for it? I bought it for about $700 new. Thanks for the help guys!