Value of symptoms of diabetes-Matt Traverso Review


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Aug 5, 2014
It is unclear why the word cure so vigorously suppressed. FDA has extensive Orwellian regulations prohibiting the use of words to heal and cure the description of a competing medicine or natural substance.
Because many natural substances, in fact, can not only cure but also to prevent disease, this word of pharmacists and orthodox medical community frightening. Many More Sources Reverse Your Diabetes Review

The market value of symptoms
After the reengineering of drug development, designed to improve the symptoms of the disease instead of to cure, it was necessary to rethink the way of trading with these drugs. This occurred in 1949, in the midst of maximizing the insulin-resistant diabetes epidemic.
In that year the medical community in the United States reclassified symptoms of diabetes together with the symptoms of many other diseases, the diseases with their own rules.
After this retraining representing a new basis of diagnosis with competing groups of medical specialists nimbly seize the relevant groups of symptoms as their own, proprietary symptomatic sets.
Thus, cardiac specialists, endocrinologists, specialists in allergy, kidney, and many others began to treat symptoms for which they felt responsible.
Because when it was totally ignored the underlying cause of the disease, were all genuine efforts to cure anything completely forgotten.