valvoline synthetic trans oil chain lube

the valvo trans oil works great from the bottle at temperatures 110 to
80 but below 80 the synth thickens. I assume cold start transmissions
move slowly and generally benefit from some thickness despite the
70-140 advert.
using the visual drip from a 4oz finish line epic synth oil as a
viscosity standard-place nozzle to CR and spin backwards allowing for
gravity flow to a gentle squeeze from a full to half full epic 4oz-just
enough to get a drip drip drip as each CR tooth passes underneath
the valvo then needs thinning at 85 to 70 degrees-1 to 5 thinner to
synth to get the valvo up to epic viscosity.
i'm seeing excellent chain wear results from valvo in a gritty
environment by cleaning the chain every morning before commuting. the
chain is crunchy with side plate sand.
but sand appears to float on the valvo's surface over this short
run/clean interval. this is good!