Van moorsel denies using epo ahead of sydney olympics

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    In an interview published in Dutch newspaper De Volkskrant at the weekend, the Dutch doctor Peter Janssen claimed that he treated Leontien van Moorsel with EPO ahead of the Sydney 2000 Olympics, where she won three gold medals. Van Moorsel has denied the allegation.

    Janssen was previously the team doctor at PDM, and in the same interview, he said that he provided blood transfusions to riders on the team at the 1988 Tour de France.

    Janssen worked for the team between 1986 and 1989 and said that he decided to offer blood transfusions after reading in a medical journal of Francesco Conconi's use of the practice as part of Francesco Moser's successful 1984 world hour record attempts. Blood transfusions were added to the IOC's banned list in 1986.

    Janssen told De Volkskrant that he contacted a blood bank in Velp to store and freeze the blood of riders from the PDM team, including Gert-Jan Theunisse and Steven Rooks. He said that he transported the blood bags to France during the Tour, where the riders were administered with transfusions for the first time.

    "For the first stage, they got one bag, in Nantes, and then on July 11, two in Strasbourg," Janssen told De Volkskrant, adding that he was watching on television from a holiday campsite when Rook and Theunisse placed first and second on l'Alpe d'Huez at the 1988 Tour.

    "I was sitting at the campsite and I saw them riding on such a small television. I thought, 'Oh my god, what's happening here?' I was really looking forward to watching. I did not know it would make such a difference."

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