Vasbyt Cycle Chalenge



I know it's still close to the Argus but how many of you are considering the "VASBYT" (175KM)
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Has anybody got any info regarding entries for the above mentioned race. I've tried the contact number given in "SA Cycling" but the guy sais he has no idea of why his name is given- he's got nothing to do with the race.
Please can somebody help!!!
I'm definitely going to try this year. The race is organized by Speke PCRC club in Pretoria. Try these numbers, you'll definitely get information from one of them.
Niek Campher - 083 230 5722
Jack Wiid - 082 809 6000
Leroy Olivier - 082 654 4182
See you there!!!
Tx a lot, I'm going to give them a call first thing in the morning. My brother and I will see you there, at least at the beginning ;) , we'll try and make it to the end as well.
What about all the other people out there - it's only a 175k's. :eek:


Just kidding ;)

Have fun although you definitely won't see me there. I did the Jock last year (150km in three stages on one day) and that was a push.

Maybe next year.. Have fun .... HYDRATE!!

See you on the road!


Just kidding ;)

Have fun although you definitely won't see me there. I did the Jock last year (150km in three stages on one day) and that was a push.

Maybe next year.. Have fun .... HYDRATE!!

See you on the road!

Agh no, Acid, where's your fighting spirit, hey??

Also did the Jock last year. Murderous, to say the least!!! Never done a race with such a long distance as 175km. Luckily there's 8 hours to finish so I'll just go cruising ::). But ouch, 8 hours in the saddle :-/!!!

Will you be doing the Jock again this year, Acid?

Lazy Legs, what time do you expect to do in the Vasbyt? This will be my first Vasbyt so I don't know how tough the route will be and because I never did a race that was longer than 114km, I'm just a little bit terrified :eek:. Any suggestions?
Hi Roadster,
Sorry I'm only replying to your post now but its been hectic at work and our internet has been playing up a bit.
It will be our first Vasbyt as well but we are teaming up with a guy who has done 2 alraedy, maybe his experience will rub off, if it doesn't I'll just have to take his legs when mine gets to tired. We are aiming for around 7-7:30 :-/ but a finnish will be good enough! :-[
I've never done anything more than a 112 myself. Re. the route- our experienced friend says that its not that bad but the last 20 odd k's is a long never-ending climb. We do part of the route as our training route and it has a bit of everything but that is in the 1st half of the race.
I will be seeing you there on Saturday, look out for the 3 guys with blue and red NTP gear on, I'll be the one at the back.
Good luck with your race!!!
Hi Lazy Legs,
I probably have passed you a few times on your training rides. Some weekends we also go that way for a ride, although it is a bit out of my way. Most of the time I go round Roodeplaat dam (x2) for long distance.
With experience I've learned not to believe if someone says a course is not so bad ::). I'm going with an open mind and expect anything. Afterwards I'll give my own opinion :p. I'll be the "Transwerk Lady" and give me a wave when you pass me!!!!
Good luck and see you there!!
Hi Roadster,
I'll give you a wave when you pass me, I haven't been training that much since the Argus and do not think that I'll be doing much passing this time around. ( :-X I've only done about 300 k's since the "A" so there is a lot of suffering laying ahead for me)
See you in the morning!! :)
To everyone taking on the vasbyt good luck.

Will only be doning the 58Km this time around. Still recovering from flu.

Please keep a look out to those on the road not following the road rules. they are the ones giving us roadies a bad name. Even if it rquires that he/she should be reported. Let us start sorting thing out for ourselves.

Keep on frewheeling on those down hills
Hi there all of you,
To all of you who did the Vasbyt and finished, well done you deserve your medal and certificate 8) ;D !!!
Roadster how did your race go?
Mine was one I'd rather forget, the start was good and my brother and myself was in a nice group going at a nice pace (about 35 cyclist) then after about 75 K's disaster struck :-[
My brother had a puncture and we lost about 15 minutes (we couldn't get the damn tire off the rim), but most importently we lost the group :-/
After 100 K's we had our refreshment and some ice cold refreshments (smoebody met us there)
When we got back on the road we had the wind from the front and after 120 K's I started cramping, after a brief stop we got going again but could'nt keep a good pace.
With about 7K's left I cramped so bad that I had to stop again and was about to give up, if it wasn't for my brother I would have waited for the cattle truck but we rubbed it out and just cruised the rest of the way to the finish. ;D
We finished in 7:48 :-X , BUT we finished :D
That is my sorry story of the day- next year I'll do the 53 K's!
To the organizers, well done it, the certificate made it worth it ;)
Till next time
There is NO way that I'll cycle 168km and then quit with 7 k's to go! Hell no, I'll walk if I have to.
Well done everybody!
Lazy Legs, how come only the 53k next year? You proven that you can ride it, so why not again? ;)
Hi all

I have hung around forever, the vasbyt finally made me reveal myself.
Overall it was an okay race. I felt like I was on the verge of making 5:30 for the race, but I had a flat at 112km - 3:40 into the race. I got fixed and continued but really that was my race. I had blown, hit the wall and all that. I eventually finished 6:39 - 3 hours for 60 odd kays.
But like Bob Marley sang - He who fights and runs away....

BK, to the dungeon with you for taking so long to register!

Congrats on completing the race. I'll give it a bash next year.
Hi There,

VO2- my brother and I promised each other that next year if he mentions the Vasbyt I'll kick him in the nuts and visa versa! You go for it next year and maybe I'll join you. :-X
Black Knight- well done, and welcome to the best cycling site. How do you feel about next year?
That last 70 K's is a killer and the WIND. We also crawled the last 60-odd K's, at one stage we were trailing the sweeper truck. :'( At least we got past it and never saw it again.
I am a sucker for punishment :'(, my target for the race is 5hours, I will keep going back till I make it ;D, then I can look for another race to conquer.

This weekend it is the Wilro.

Hi you all, and Lazy Legs,

Sorry to only reply now, but after Saturday, even typing seemed like a big effort!!!!

Sorry to hear about your bad race LL, but luckily you did complete the course. That's all that counts in the end.

My race went quite well in the beginning, but I think I started way too fast. My husband did it last year in 5hours, and because he said he will accompany me, he probably thought we will do it again!!! After only 20km I had to slow down and when we got to Lynwood drive, I just cruised up the hills. From Bapsfontein to Delmas the pace was quite fast as I just sat in my husband's slipstream and we picked up a few guys along the way. When we got to Delmas, we had a very good change for a 5:30 but when we turned for Bronkhorstspruit and felt the wind I totally bonked!!! I also had a flat at about 150km and lost a few minutes. From there on it was only survival. I never thought that one could have so much pain in so many places at the same time!!!! We eventually finished with a time of 6:20 which I am happy with. :)

The next BIG one will be the Hell of the North on 8th June which is 180km. The only bad thing is that it is a course of 60km that you have to cylce 3 times. Very Boring!!!! But I'm definately going to try it. Anybody wants to join me?? ;D ;D

The Hell of the north. I have heard of that but cannot remember where. It will be great to try it. My guess is that after the first two laps the scenery will not be noticed anyway.

What are the details of the race please?

Roadster- well done :) , pleasegive some details for The Hell.. as if I didn't have enough on Saturday, might just give it a go. (just for the hell of it!) ;D
My brother said I must correct my mistake - we actually finished in 7:38 (not 7:48) We were on our bikes for 6:42, I wish that counted for something!!! :'(
Black Knight- Good luck with getting to 5 hours, rather you tha me, I'll just hang around the back and hope to finish.
Details for the Hell of the North:
Date - 8th June 2002
Start venue - Trade Centre in Hans Strydom Drive (near Silverlakes)
Distances - 15km, 60km, 120km, 180km
Medals - Gold for 180km, Silver for 120km Bronze for 60 and 15km
Timing by Champion Chip
Organized by Cypro Cycling
Contact person - Johan Cronje Tel: (012) 347-8117 (only a/h)

Glad to see that I'm not the only one going to try it!!!