Let VDB ride enough is enough!

On Friday February 29 the UCI granted a wildcard status to the Mitsubishi -
Jartazi team but at the same time they have forbidden to let Frank
Vandenbroucke start at Pro - Tour races.

We the fans are shocked, dissapointed and outraged about the UCI's
discriminating decision against Frank. This is the reason that we as fans
decided to organise a petition. Our goal is that VDB will keep all his

The UCI decision is based on his past doping case from 2002 where he already
has paid for more than enough. His ban was a 6 months sanction bij the
Belgian Cycling Federation and he did his time. It is unacceptable and a
scandal that the UCI is reffering to these facts because that is the case.
Are they also going to ban 50 former sinners to start in the near future and
why can they act like saints to ride for a Pro - Tour team with the blessing
of the UCI? And shouldn't they make trouble and start to act in the
surrounding of the riders like soigneurs mechanics and team managers?

The second criterion is that it looks like that they want to make him pay
for a false license (under a false name Francesco Delponte in 2006). Frank
did not have an UCI license at that moment. He was riding as an amateur for
a 'wild' Italian Federation. The UCI has no right to ask him to justify
himself for this only knowing about it through media rumours. We are in a
movie!!! Its absurd to believe this. We also would like to point out that
the UCI gave VDB a license for the end of the 2006 season and the 2007
season when VDB was riding with Aqua & Sapone. Absolutely no problem at that
time and Frank even received a license for 2008.

Or then do the rules apply by double standards?

Then it would be an extremely dangerous precedent because no cyclist would
be certain tomorrow to be permitted at the start of a race and to continue
with his profession ! All are concerned with this decision which is as
absurd as unjustified. It seems that the UCI has lost its head, it is a
foolish story to add to the last strange and incomprehensible decisions
which are supposed to be in favour of cycling.

Anyway this nonsense decision does not seem be founded on any basis in the
characteristic UCI's regulations. And if the UCI wants to modify its own
rules they will not be able to apply it with retroactive effect.

Frank will fight for justice before court and ask for negotiations through
his lawyer which will not prevent us to continue with this petition for
Frank to get the support he certainly needs. He will be destroyed by this
decision and we assume that the UCI is satisfied with that. Again: its a
witch hunt.

Do you believe that this decision is injust not understandeble and without
reason? Do you believe that Frank should be able to continue with his
profession? Are you believing that the UCI is going to far by banning Frank
from the big races? Do you believe that this decision is also dangerous for
other riders in the future? Do you believe in your opinion to support
Frank? Then show your support by signing this petition. In order to
guarantee the credibility of the signatures that will be appearing in this
web, please introduce true information.

Source: http://www.frankvdbroucke.be/petitie_eng.php

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