VDO Computers & cadence problems


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May 30, 2006
I have been having a problem with my wireless VDO C4 computer cadence readout. Every now and then it stops reading the cadence for a couple of minutes and says I am pedalling with "0" cadence!:rolleyes: Can anyone tell me what to do to fix it, please? I tried "digi reset" but it didn't make any difference.

Looking forward to hearing from you,
It's ok...I realized the problem. I needed to "digi-reset" after I had encountered, apparently, interference with the wireless computer. I think it is working ok now. Nevertheless, I am surprised at how often there does seem to be interference while riding through different settings - traffic lights, past CSIRO etc.

I don't have cadence with my VDO C4 computer, but lately I've been disappointed with how often it drops readings, even after changing the battery and ensuring it's properly installed and adjusted.
I bought a VDO with wireless cadence and at first, was impressed by it. One of the magnets came right off its plastic casing in the middle of a ride. If you ever decide to return it, i highly recommend the cat eye Cd300dw.. its reaaaaally nice.
Thank you for responding to my query. Great to hear from you. Having just joined the forum, it was fun to receive replies. I must admit I like the slim-line, sleek look of my VDO computer and now that I am realizing I just have to reset it whenever there is a problem, it is all working out quite well.