Velocity Deep V Rims



I'd like comments from owners of velocity deep v rims.

comment on reliability, structural integrity, weight,..., etc.

I've not heard of these, is there a website? Are they available in the UK?

I use Campy Atlanta rims on my Tandem. They are 36 hole rims and has a very deep V section or Aero rim. This design is immensely strong, combined with the fact that your spokes can be so much shorter. Combine this now with a wide flange hub and you have a very strong rim. The rims are heavier than others on the market but the increased strength makes up for this on a tandem. It is definitely not a rim to sprint or timetrial with.

Keep those wheels spinning!!!!

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velocity is a manufacturer. I'm interested in their "deep v" rims.

I don't know if they're available in the uk (or outside the us).

This company, Velocity, makes rims, bidon cages, etc, and is based in Queensland, Australia, as far as I know.
The Deep V Rims are made in various sizes, even 20 X 1.75", so they look good on recumbents, Moultons, and other funny bikes, even Raleigh Twenty's.
By the way, they did have a 27 x 1 1/4", 36 Hole, Alloy rim listed. It's a bit narrow, but it's about the only one available these days.
I have noticed mention of Velocity rims on a couple of U.S. bikelists, so I assume they are actively exporting. I did phone them once and found them to be quite friendly and helpful.
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i own a set of the Australian "velocity deep v rims". i run them laced to a set of 32 spoke Campag chorus hubs on my road bike. These wheels are mainly used for training and are treated rather badly. Although they are a little heavy they are excellent as far as strength and rigidity are concerned. Mine have needed very little truing over a 3 year period, and this i believe is excellent considering the punishment they recieve.
I would definitely recommend these rims built with light weight spokes and maybe even 28 spokes for an all round set of racing/training wheels or built stronger with straight guage spokes and 32/36 spokes for a strong set of training wheels (i race on mine even though they are of a rather "strong/heavy build).
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thanks, trackie. your's was the kind of info I was seeking.

basically heres the story if your close to 200 lbs. Here you go.. tired of carrying a spoke wrench with you.. again.. not light.. really cool looking , at first, be_otch in a crosswind. But if your looking for a low maintainance wheel. and really dont care about an extra 1/4 lb ( here you go) if you want a speedy race wheel go with the spartacus (any flavor) or the aerohead version.
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I'd like comments from owners of velocity deep v rims.

comment on reliability, structural integrity, weight,..., etc.


We use the 26" Velocity DeepV on our tandem. They built up very well despite not having any spoke hole eyelets. They have been totally reliable, with no cracks or any changes in spoke tension. They are heavy, but compared to other options, not overly so. The braking surfaces are holding up well and bring our 400+ pound load securely to stops.
The 700C version of the DeepV is quite a bit lighter, but still heavy compared to most 700C rims.
The Velocity USA website URL is:


I made a visit to New York City and noticed quite a few bicycle messengers with 700C DeepV wheels. They must think they are reliable. I think they would be suitable for nearly any kind of riding, unless you are only climbing up hills.