Velokraft VK-3 (XTR, Dura-Ace) - best recumbent ever for sale!


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Aug 21, 2012

Velokraft VK-3

Probably the best and most versatile recumbent ever made. Extremely fast, comfortable, reliable. Easy to ride. Light and beautiful. A dream bicycle. Best friend. Marvellous bijou made of carbon fiber.
My beloved one can be now yours. I sell it with broken heart, but I will not be riding it for the next couple of years.

Please read the general description and specification.

About VK-3
VK-3 description:
Made from carbon fiber, kevlar and vectran.
Weight (without the tailbox): about 24 lbs (10,5 kg)
Size: L (for height 175-194 cm / 5 feet 9 inches - 6 feet 4 inches)

VK-3 is semi-lowracer, but thanks to the full suspension, it is very comfortable and allows for off-road riding. Suspension work is perfectly separated from pedalling (no squat or pedal-kicks).
On flats, an amateur can easily achieve more than 50km/h / 31mph. Strong amateur may ride 60km/h / 37mph. With some help of gravity, 90km/h / 55mph will not be a problem (tested!).
Big and easy to mount tailbox is perfect for shopping or short journeys.

The bicycle was used as a demo and test bike at Velokraft company and my personal bicycle for some time. Frame, fork, handlebar were checked at Velokraft and are in perfect condition (no scratches, no dents). All other parts are a bit more used (I made changes to the original setup, put my XTR parts etc.), but all are working perfectly fine. Please expect some scratches at brakes, deralieur, signs of wear at disc brakes, drivetrain - normal signs of use. Anyway, the bicycle is ready to go!
Mileage is hard to tell - a few thousands km. Frame, fork and other carbon fiber parts should easily withstand 60 000-100 000km / 37 000-62 000 miles.

Parts and accessories:
Brakes: XTR hydraulic, 160mm discs, dual-control levers
Shifters: XTR dual-control
Cranks: Dura-Ace 172,5mm
Chainrings: 61 T (Spec) / 53 T (Dura-Ace)
Front deralieur: Dura-Ace
Rear deralieur: XT
Rear hub: XTR
Front hub: Pantour suspended, 10mm of travel (useful, expensive, but I don't like it - it does not work properly in winter, snow and ice gets inside etc.)
Rims: Alexrims DA, 36 spokes, 20'' (406)
Damper: Rock Shox SID (perfect!)
Headset: Cane Creek
Chain: XTR/DuraAce (for the photo I put old one, very worn out - I will replace it)
Tyres: Schwalbe Marathon 20'' (406)

+Carbon headrest
+Kevlar-carbon fiber tailbox 60l / 16 gallons
+Light cordura tailbox 15l / 4 gallons (not on a photo)
+Front fender (not on a photo)
+Carbon fiber kickstand

The bicycle will be shipped from Velokraft company (Zielonki/Krakow, Poland, Europe).
Shipping cost:
Europe: 100 euro
USA/Canada: 220 USD
Other: please ask

Just to compare: new VK-3 framekit (only [SIZE=11.0pt]frame, damper, fork, handlebar[/SIZE]) costs 3300 euro / 4100 USD. Tailbox costs 590 euro / 730 USD. [Official Velokraft prices for 2012].