velomax rear hub


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Dec 17, 2005
I have isolated a loud creaking noise to my velomax rear hub. I have Campy 10sp. I've never tightened rear hubs...does removing the skewer and the rear cone piece on the non-drive side get me access to tightening the hub? Also, can this be over-tightened?

Help's appreciated.
On my velomax you just take the skewer out and theres a place for alan wrenchs to go on each side to tighten it up. you have to tighten it with both alan wrenchs in each side at the same time. It also depends on the model. im pretty sure all the wheels above the circuits have this feature.
Velomax (now Easton) has a web site with a pdf link with drawings and explanations for servicing your hubs, including what tools to use. They make several different types of hubs with different proceedures for each.