Velonews: 2015 Buyer’s Guide: Mountain Bike Shoes


Jan 3, 2005
<figure ><img title="Mavic" src=""/><p>Photo: Brad Kaminski |</p></figure><p><!--pagetitle:Mavic Scree--></p>
<p><strong>$190, <a href=""target="_blank"></a></strong><br />918 grams (all weights per pair)</p>
<p>On the right day, nothing beats the Scree. That day probably involves a fair bit of hiking, perhaps some trail building, a downpour or three, and enough elevation change to make a grown man cry. The details tell the story: huge, soft rubber lugs hook up to any surface when off the bike, while the Gore-Tex membrane in the upper keeps feet warm and dry while remaining breathable. This is no balmy summer afternoon shoe; this is the shoe you grab when the day ahead could get real nasty, really fast.</p>
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