Velonews: Cavendish, Oakley, And Nestle Collaborate On Nutrition Product


Jan 3, 2005
Oakley and Wonka have teamed up with Mark Cavendish to produce a ground-breaking new way to stay fueled on your rides. Photo: Rogan LeBonker |
When someone as picky as Mark Cavendish (Etixx-Quick-Step) puts his head together with designers from a brand like Oakley and the food scientists at Nestle, the results are sure to be attention-grabbing. The Wonka Jawbreaker Energy Balls are just that.
Wonka Candy, a division of confectionary behemoth Nestle Global, announced today — only one day after Cavendish’s signature Oakley Jawbreaker sunglasses were officially revealed — that it would launch a new line of sports nutrition products inspired by the Manx sprinter. The new Jawbreakers Energy Balls were co-developed with Cavendish and Oakley, maker of Cav’s new sprint-optimized sunglasses.
Measuring 51mm in diameter, the Jawbreakers are designed to fill the mouths of any sprinter, or even those who favor spring classics. The Energy Balls will be available in Points Green Mint, Peppermint Polka Dot, and Rainbow Stripes which Nestle USA spokesperson Robin Tickle said, “Tastes like a wide variety of the Nestle family’s signature flavors including Gobstopper, Butterfinger, and Kazoozles with a just a hint of Pixy Stix. They’re delicious!”
In one’s mouth, Jawbreakers feel large. The sheer size and flavor of the Rainbow Stripes samples provided to our tech writer made these energy products some of the biggest and boldest on the market. They dwarf Jelly Belly’s Sport Beans, Sharkies Organic Sports Chews, and Clif Bar’s Shot Bloks.
An Etixx-Quick-Step press officer seemed genuinely enthusiastic about the Jawbreakers. “This product is just awesome,” said Alessandro Tegner. “Not only did they keep Cav fueled for the climbs at Milano-Sanremo, but I got a soigneur to pop one in his mouth at the finish line — you know, for recovery — and it made everyone’s evening much easier.”
U.S. distribution is yet to be announced, as the product contains several ingredients that have raised red flags with the Food & Drug Administration (FDA). Suggested retail is 9.99 euro per pack of 6.
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