Velonews: Circ Report To Become Major Motion Picture


Jan 3, 2005
Dreamworks has already begun work on an as-of-yet unnamed account of the CIRC doping report, and Pat McQuaid is said to be one of the stars, playing himself. Photo: AFP PHOTO | FABRICE COFFRINI
HOLLYWOOD, California (VN) —The Cycling Independent Reform Commission’s (CIRC) report will become a major motion picture as soon as 2016, according to sources close to the blossoming project.
Dreamworks has bought film rights to the report, and has hired screenwriter Mo Viemeker, whose list of writing credits includes “Breaking Bad” and “The Hunger Games.” Viemeker will make his directorial debut with the as-of-yet unnamed CIRC film, according to Dreamworks.
“It’s cycling noir, an irresistible tale of deception and intrigue,” said Phil Misbad, a spokesperson for Dreamworks.
Hein Verbruggen will be played by William Shatner. Rumors suggest that Pat McQuaid will play himself.
Few actors, other than Shatner, have been associated with the film. This relative lack of big-name acting talent is a reflection of the film’s visual style, according to Viemeker.
“You know silent films? This is like that, but not silent, instead you can’t see any of the faces. The world’s first visionless film,” he said. “All the voices are unattributed, and it’s up to the viewer to read between the lines to figure out who’s talking. Well, not ‘read,’ per se, because it’ll be dark, but you know what I mean.”
When asked how this concept differs from a radio program, Viemeker explained that his film would not be completely without attributed visuals. Rather, a host of barely-distinguishable shadows would flick across the screen as each voice speaks. And, of course, Shatner (as Verbruggen) and a few other high-profile characters, each named in the CIRC report itself, would make appearances.
“It will just add to the suspense,” Viemeker said. “The ‘mostly dark’ concept just seemed like the way to do it, after reading the original.
“It’s a bit out there, sure, but I’m hoping the public will come with me on this artistic adventure.”
This style of cinematography is not unheard of. In fact, “Through the eyes of Charlton Heston,” an epic, four-hour, independent release, received critical acclaim at the 2002 Sundance Film Festival.
Filming on the CIRC project is set to begin this fall. Rumors suggest that the Château de Chillon will stand in for UCI headquarters in Aigle, Switzerland.
“It’s just such a gripping read,” said Misbad. “One that we couldn’t possibly leave on the table for someone else.”
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