Velonews: Colorado Governor Announces $100 Million For Biking


Jan 3, 2005
BOULDER, Colorado — Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper announced that the state will commit more than $100 million to enhance bike riding. The news came at the PeopleForBikes industry breakfast on Wednesday at Interbike.
“Our goal is to make Colorado the best state for biking in the country, which will help fuel our robust economic growth and tourism industry, move us toward a cleaner environment, and advance our goal of being the healthiest state in the nation,” said Hickenlooper.
Colorado is often ranked the fittest state, and was recently ranked the most physically active state in the country. Even with these laurels, Colorado has an obesity rate of 23 percent. A nationwide study found that kids only spend 4-7 minutes outside in unstructured play every day, but spend 7-10 hours a day staring at video screens. Biking is one of the ways Colorado is aiming to change these stats.
The four-year plan and $100 million budget will allow Colorado to distribute more bikes and make it safer to ride bikes by adding bike lanes and improving driver education.
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