Velonews: In The News: Italian Federation Chief Criticizes Uci Over Astana Case


Jan 3, 2005
<figure ><img title="Cookson TDU 2014" src=""/><p>UCI president Brian Cookson is under increasing scrutiny to take a stand on doping in cycling, and the questions surrounding the Astana team are the latest controversy to test his resolve. Photo: AFP PHOTO | Mark Gunter (File).</p></figure><p>Italian cycling federation president Renato di Rocco has criticized the UCI’s handling of the Astana case, the <a href="" target="_blank"><em>Reuters</em></a> wire service reported Tuesday.</p>
<p>Di Rocco, a member of the UCI’s management committee, wrote a letter March 27 to UCI president Brian Cookson outlining his concerns over how the cycling governing body is trying to revoke the team’s WorldTour racing license. <em>Reuters</em> published excerpts of the letter:</p>
<p>“In all the mentioned cases (Olympics, women cycling) we, as management committee members, have been directly involved,” Di Rocco wrote. “However, concerning the License Commission withdrawal of Astana this procedure was not followed. On Feb. 27 we had received only a press release which informed us the UCI requested the withdrawal of the Astana pro team (WorldTour) license.”</p>
<p>Citing concerns following an independent audit of Astana’s license, Cookson is pressing the UCI License Commission <a href=""target="_blank">to revoke the team’s license</a>.</p>
<p>Astana officials are scheduled <a href=""target="_blank">to appear before the License Commission</a> on Thursday, and a verdict on the team’s fate could come within two weeks.</p>
<p>Perhaps not coincidentally, the Kazakh cycling federation revealed just days ago <a href=""target="_blank">an agreement with the Italian cycling federation </a>to develop “domestic cycling.”</p>
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