Velonews: In The News: Lotto Cycling Cup Organizers Apologize For Bikini Models


Jan 3, 2005
The BBC reports that organizers of the Lotto Cycling Cup apologized Monday for the inclusion of bikini-clad models at the podium ceremony for a stage of the women’s Flanders Diamond Tour, but added that they were not responsible.
The podium ceremony had been arranged by local organizers, and the Lotto Cycling Cup found it to be “inappropriate,” it said on Twitter.
The models were arranged by Hostessen Service No Limit, a company that also provides striptease acts. Its manager, speaking with the BBC and giving his name only as Gerrid, said, “I don’t understand what the problem is.”
“Sometimes during the race, women race with their shirts open,” he said.
Johan Molineaux, the local organizer, told the BBC he planned to personally apologize to the competitors.
“For a lot of women it is damaged. For me it is a sad day,” he said.
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