Velonews: In The News: Mountain Bikers May Get Wilderness Access


Jan 3, 2005
Outside magazine reports that a new bill in Congress may afford an opportunity for mountain bikers to ride in Federally designated Wilderness areas — something that’s been prohibited by law since 1984. The Human-Powered Wildlands Travel Management Act of 2015 does not have any sponsors yet, but it represents a rift in the mountain bike advocacy community.
On one hand, you have Ted Stroll, author of the bill, who founded the Sustainable Trails Coalition with Access4Bikes of Marin County, California. They’re lobbying to open up access to bikes in Federal Wilderness with this new bill. On the other side, the International Mountain Bicycling Association (IMBA) says its not a good idea to amend the Wilderness Act. That organization prefers to advocate boundary changes and alternative designations to preserve the land, as well as trail access.
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