Velonews: Richard Degarmo Seeks Financial Support Following Cancer Surgery


Jan 3, 2005
<p>American cycling pioneer Richard DeGarmo, a former president the United States Cycling Federation — the precursor to USA Cycling — and director of the Tour of Texas, is seeking <a href=""target="_blank">financial help</a> following surgery for liver cancer.</p>
<p>“Richard gave so many of my generation a fabulous month-long series of races that helped us not only jump start the season, but also our careers,” Olympic champion Connie Carpenter Phinney said. “He provided us host accommodations so that we could stay and race for the entire month of March. He was way ahead of his time and simply loved the sport of cycling.</p>
<p>“[He] gave many of us a forum to race and develop our talents. It will be a very long road and he is in need of some large funding.”</p>
<p>DeGarmo, 64, underwent surgery for liver cancer on Tuesday.</p>
<p>Carpenter Phinney is not the only cyclist of her era to have lent a hand. Andy Hampsten, America’s only Giro d’Italia winner, has donated to the cause as well.</p>
<p>“Best of luck to you Richard. Thanks for the great start in Texas,” Hampsten wrote on the donation page.</p>
<p>“I am so lucky and blessed to have shared whatever time we had together. You are all amazing. Really, sometimes I am speechless that people remember me and actually cared,” DeGarmo wrote.</p>
<p>Those who would like to lend a financial hand can do so at a <a href=""target="_blank">GoFundMe page</a> set up for DeGarmo’s recovery.</p>
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