Velonews: Shaw And Zirbel Win Redlands Big Bear Tt


Jan 3, 2005
Ryan Roth (Silber) took over the GC lead on Thursday in the Redlands Bicycle Classic. Photo courtesy of Silber.
Rhea Shaw (BMW-Happy Tooth Dental) and Tom Zirbel (Optum-Kelly Benefit Strategies) won the Redlands Bicycle Classic stage 2 time trial at Big Bear Lake, California on Thursday.
Starting about two-thirds of the way through the elite women’s line-up, Shaw set a mark that withstood challenges from the race’s top riders.
Jasmin Glaesser (Optum-Kelly Benefit Strategies) finished second to Shaw by 7.78 seconds, but now sits first overall on GC, three seconds ahead of Allie Dragoo (Twenty16-Sho-Air). Dragoo, who started a few riders after Glaesser, could not match her time and finished third in the 7.8 mile time trial, 10.74 seconds behind the winner.
“Stoked to take my first ever yellow jersey @redlandsClassic today! Big thanks to @OPTUMpbKBS for dialling me in and inspiring speedy rides!” Glaesser said on Twitter.
Optum’s orange and black jerseys were a common sight on the TT podium, as Glaesser’s teammate, Tom Zirbel, won the men’s race.
Chris Barton (KHS-Maxxis) set a best mark very early in the race, but Zirbel quickly eclipsed his time by 9.45 seconds.
It was not until over 20 minutes later that another rider would challenge Zirbel. Silber’s Ryan Roth came close, but slotted into second place, 7.74 seconds behind the tall Optum rider.
As was the case in the women’s race, the consolation prize for the second place time trialist was the Redlands yellow jersey. Roth is now the overall leader, four seconds ahead of Phil Gaimon (Optum-Kelly Benefit Strategies). Dion Smith (Hincapie Racing) is third overall, six seconds in arrears.
The race continues Friday with the Yucaipa road race, a 75.9-mile stage for the men, and a 47.7-mile stage for the women.
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