Velonews: Strava And Garmin Introduce Live Segment Tracking On Select Devices


Jan 3, 2005
Garmin's new Edge 520 allows riders to see KOM/QOM results immediately while riding. Photo: Strava
Strava and Garmin have announced the introduction of live segment tracking on select Garmin Edge devices.
The features of the live segment technology include a countdown to the start of segments and immediate results available on the screen of the device. Live segments also can act as a virtual coach, providing continuous updates on your performance during the segment, whether you are ahead or behind the pacing of the KOM/QOM. This allows the user to analyze their result on the segment, and Strava hopes, help improve pacing and performance. This technology allows users to immediately visualize performances against their own personal records and top times.
“This integration will be a game-changer for many athletes and marks the beginning of an exciting new way to experience Strava during a ride,” Strava’s chief product officer, Aaron Forth, said.
The new feature, Strava Live Segments will be included on the new Garmin Edge 520, which is making its debut at the Tour de France on the bikes of Team Cannondale-Garmin.
“Our job is to motivate athletes, and we’ve learned that making it easy to compare and compete is a powerful tool for motivation,” continued Forth.
The Garmin Edge 520 is available on Strava’s website for pre-order beginning today. A pending firmware update will allow Strava Live Segments to also function on the Garmin Edge 510, 810, and 1000. However, to access the new live segment tracking you have to be a Premium member with Strava.
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