Velonews: Usa Cycling To Reconsider 2015 Pan Am Team


Jan 3, 2005
In a statement issued late on Thursday, USA Cycling announced that it has reconvened its selection committee to reconsider the recent nominations to the 2015 Pan Am Championships after it was determined that modifications to the “principles of athlete selection” were not published in a timely manner.
“We normally endeavor to publish modifications to our Principles of Athlete Selection at least six months in advance of their application,” said USA Cycling VP of athletics Jim Miller in the press release. “Clearly that did not happen in this case and we have subsequently referred the matter back to our Selection Committee.”
The selection committee will reconsider the nominations based on the principles of athlete selection as last published in 2008 and is expected to announce its determination shortly.
This could mean that two-time world TT champion and two-time Olympic TT gold medalist Kristin Armstrong (Twenty16-Sho-Air) might be left off the team. She was set to come out of retirement for the Pan Am time trial, despite not having raced any major events since her win at the 2012 Games.
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