Velonews: Usa Cycling To Triple Amateur Anti-doping Efforts


Jan 3, 2005
<figure ><img title="2015 UCI Road World Championships, Richmond, VA" src=""/><p>Five months into Derek Bouchard-Hall's tenure as CEO, USA Cycling is set to enact a number of reforms. Photo: Casey B. Gibson | <a href=""></a> (file)</p></figure><p>As part of sweeping changes for the 2016 season, USA Cycling will triple its anti-doping efforts, drop one-day license prices, and add a one-day option for higher category racers, according to documents obtained by <em>VeloNews</em>.</p>
<p>The reforms, which were sent to local organizations, race organizers and other stakeholders on Friday, are designed to decrease costs for new riders while placing the financial burden for anti-doping on more experienced riders.</p>
<p>All reforms are currently in a one-week comment period ending on Friday, November 20th. They come five months after the installment of CEO Derek Bouchard-Hall, as the organization struggles with falling membership, decreasing sponsorship, a longstanding image problem, and a new competitor for grassroots race sanctioning, North American Cycle Sport.</p>
<p>To increase anti-doping efforts, most licenses (beginner licenses excepted) will see a $3 surcharge, bringing the annual amateur license cost to $73 from $70. The entirety of the increase will go toward dramatically increasing testing at the amateur level.</p>
<p>Both Pro and International Elite licenses will see a $50 surcharge, all of which will be directed toward anti-doping efforts.</p>
<p>International elite licenses move from $175 to $200 per year, while international junior licenses drop from $175 to $100, in an effort to encourage junior racing.</p>
<p>For the first time, USA Cycling will make one-day licenses available to non-beginner categories. However, category 1, 2, 3, and 4 riders must purchase the one-day license online, and can only do so once per season.</p>
<p>The cost of a one-day license for beginner road, track, and cyclocross racers drops from $15 to $10.</p>
<p>Insurance costs for promoters increase slightly, to $3.60 per rider per race day in competitive events. A tiered pricing structure will be used for recreational events — $2.25 for the first 1000 entrants, $2.00 for the next 1000, and $1.80 for all remaining. The prices cover USA Cycling’s costs and no more, the document states.</p>
<p>The goals, according to a letter sent by Bouchard-Hall, are to “increase support of grassroots development and amateur racing, minimize barriers to participation and increase anti-doping efforts.” Those goals are tempered, Bouchard-Hall states, by financial realities. The organization is currently operating at a loss.</p>
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