Velonews: Video: How To Train Like A Pro This Winter


Jan 3, 2005

Editor’s Note: This video is courtesy of Global Cycling Network. The opinions expressed in this video do not necessarily represent the opinions of, Velo magazine or the editors and staff of Competitor Group, Inc.
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Winter, spring, summer, fall, doesn't really matter what season it is, doesn't matter if it's sunny outside or raining hail, a true athlete or enthusiast would keep training no matter what happens. Honestly, the best part of having a routine exercise in your daily schedule is that you actually would miss it if you don't do it even for just a day. Good for these guys, I love the dedication.
I can't say I'm able to do that right now with our winters in Seoul reaching the -20 but I definitely admire the effort these guys put into it. I wish to also find the motivation to do this even if I am not planning to become an athlete and treat it as just a hobby.

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