Velonews: Week In Tech: Zipp Tubeless Wheels, Strava Money, And More


Jan 3, 2005
<figure ><img title="Zipp 30 Course Disc wheels" src=""/><p>The Zipp 30 Course aluminum wheels are a great width at 25mm, making them perfect for road and off-road adventuring. They will be available in tubular and tubeless models. Photo: Nils Nilsen | N2Photo</p></figure><h2>Zipp launches tubeless and tubular aluminum wheels</h2>
<p>SRAM has introduced a new, budget-friendly Zipp wheelset. Just typing those three words next to one another — “budget-friendly” and “Zipp” — seems to be a massive contradiction, but a $1,000 wheelset is budget-friendly these days.</p>
<p>The new Zipp 30 Course Disc wheels use much of the same features as the recently announced <a href=""target="_blank">Firecrest 202 and 303 thru-axle wheels</a>, using the same hubs. The Zipp 30 Course is also the first Zipp wheelset to tote tubeless compatibility. There will also be a tubular model for the cyclocross diehards.</p>
<p>We got the chance to take the 30 Course on a short dirt road ride, and with pressure at 45psi, the wheels held the Hutchinson tubeless tires on without so much as a small burp of air pressure. We look forward to more testing on familiar roads and cyclocross races this fall.</p>
<h2>Competitive Cyclist gives Strava users $1 for every hour of riding</h2>
<p>Competitive Cyclist and Strava have announced a partnership that pays for your rides with dollars to spend on For every hour ridden, Competitive Cyclist will add $1 to a rider’s profile on its website. Strava users can sync their accounts with a Competitive Cyclist reward account by visiting the retailer’s homepage and following the link in the marquee.</p>
<p>It’s unclear how Competitive Cyclist will benefit from the relationship, other than getting more riders to shop on their web store, even if it is at its own expense.</p>
<p>However, before you question how long it will take <a href=""target="_blank">Brian Toone</a> to earn enough credits to pay for a brand new bike, Competitive Cyclist says riders can earn up to 40 credits per month. Further, credits earned will expire on the last day of the following month. Still, 80 credits — or $80 — would make for a nice shopping spree.</p>
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<h2>RockShox launches RS-1 27.5 and OneLoc</h2>
<p>RockShox has launched two 27.5” models of its RS-1 inverted fork. The pricey fork with its carbon uppers have been making waves in the market since its announcement last year. The RS-1 will be available in just two travels going forward — 100 and 120mm — and now two wheel sizes for each amount of travel. We <a href=""target="_blank">reviewed the 120mm 29er RS-1</a> last year, and despite its heavy price tag and wheel restrictions, we found the new fork rode exceptionally well.</p>
<p>RockShox has also unveiled a new remote lockout lever design for single-ring riders. The OneLoc will be compatible with all RockShox forks with lockout, as well as the Monarch XX rear shock. The OneLoc is designed to fill the void left by a front derailleur shifter.</p>
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<h2>Doc’s Skincare launches all-natural sunscreen</h2>
<p>Doc’s Skincare has added sunscreen to its selection of all natural skincare products that also includes chamois cream and saddle sore ointment. The new sunscreen has an FDA-approved broad spectrum of UVA and UVB protection, with an SPF rating of 30.</p>
<p>Idaho-based Doc’s Skincare uses natural zinc oxide and titanium oxide for sun protection, avoiding artificial chemicals that are often used as fillers. Doc’s claims its all-natural sunscreen will reflect solar rays rather than absorb them, like artificial sunscreens do.</p>
<p>Doc’s sunscreen is available now at $15 for a 4-ounce tube.</p>
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