Vetta Home Trainer Professional question

Hi, I acquired an older Vetta bike stand, made in Italy.  It's called
the Vetta Home Trainer Professional.  It's lacking all of the
stabilizing pins to tighten and stabilize the unit.
If you're familiar with this bike stand, I need to purchase pins that
would fit the stand.  There seems to be two different types of pins
that the unit requires.  I need four pins that would prevent the bike
from shifting - they seem to screw into the unit to tighten it.  Plus,
I need about two pins that slide in, to the front of the bike stand to
adjust and stabilize the height of the stand.  These do not screw in,
I think, but rather just slide in.

If you know where I could locate parts that you think would fit, I'd
be very grateful.

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