VIC: Lysterfield Park "No Bikes" Trails


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May 24, 2004
Hi All,

Users of Lysterfield Park are spoilt for choice; with plenty of singletrack marked with the signs that we all love "Bikes only / No walkers"
To steal from Spiderman, “with great power comes great responsibility”. MTB’ers have this great network of trails exclusively for our use, but these trails go hand in hand with a network of Equestrian/Walkers trails.

It’s a simple matter of shared respect.

The walkers and equestrian users don't use our trails and in turn we need to respect the areas that have been allocated for their exclusive use.
The reasons for this are vast; from safety (yours, theirs and the horses), to the environment, to the users enjoyment factor, to name just a few.

Unfortunately it only takes one mountain biker to upset a horse rider on a Equestrian trail who then goes on to rightly complain and suddenly all mountain bikers have been tarred with the same brush!

There is one particular section that needs our attention. That area is to the East of Logan Track.
Click here for the map
It's marked "No Bikes" for a reason! It's for Horse riders.

If you have been riding them under the impression that it’s ok, please let us reassure you that anything to the East of Logan Track is for equestrian and walkers only.
There are legit areas to ride in the park so please do the right thing and stick to them.

If you’re not happy riding these areas; feel free to talk to me, talk to the Parks Victoria Rangers, talk to the Lysterfield MTB Group (search through Groups) don’t just turn a blind eye to the signs and make yourself out to be ignorant.

IMBA Rules of the Trail

1. Ride on open trails only.

2. Leave no trace.

3. Control your bicycle.

4. Always yield trail

5. Never spook animals.

6. Plan ahead.


Kristjan Snorrason

MTBA Vice President and regular user of Lysterfield Park

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