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Discussion in '' started by SET u ON fire, Feb 2, 2006.

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    yea same u can use anything you want from my gallery. though if you do
    put me in, put me before forrest, his stuff just barely one ups me on
    everything. like his transitions are better than mine. and like i do a
    standup ww to stand up glide and forrest does like a stand up seat wrap
    to stand upww to stand up glide. whats with that. anyways whatever.


    'My Gallery' (
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    SET u ON fire wrote:
    > hey can you guys send me your video clips or links to you videos i am
    > always mad bored and i feel like doing some editing
    > NITRAM

    go out and unicycle


    damn you, damn the brocholli and damn the wright brothers!
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    tomsey wrote:
    > go out and unicycle

    Thats what I was going to say. Its alot more fun to get comments on
    your riding than on other peoples. If you are making a compilation vid
    its different though. Just go out and ride and film some cool stuff.

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    chosen wrote:
    > wish i could be in a signature...*sigh*

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