Video shows man inside a house under construction, minutes before georgia shooting.

Jun 6, 2006

They're calling it a lynching but I'm going with a botched arrest. He grabbed the shotgun of one of the guys trying to arrest him before he was shot. If that's him casing the house under construction, they had a reason to want to run him off, whether or not Georgia law allows citizen arrest in those circumstances.

He seemed to be wearing untied low cut basketball shoes not jogging shoes.
The shooters probably should have just taken some pictures of his face from their truck. They probably didn't have a good enough reason to try to arrest him. But if they did, it was their responsibility to stay in control so he would not attack.

The fact that one of them is a retired law enforcement officer raises the suspicion that they may have set out to deliberately provoke the victim because they should have gone in with better tactics.

However, it tends to suggest the issue was cronies in the police protecting a friend rather than an overly lax attitude on killing blacks.
The news was saying he was killed for the crime of jogging while black.

It looks more like some neighborhood watch activists were too brutal with someone who they thought was preparing to commit a burglary, and they may have acted without enough evidence unless their lawyer told them not to talk until their trial.