these are worth a look

The actions of these people (sheep) speak for themselves ::)

wadda bunch of nob heads ::) The guy taking the videos was lucky not to get hit head on by the Mazda 626

I seriously doubt sheep would be this stupid :p
:eek: We are moving to Australia soon, and was under the impression that this type of thing doesn't happen over there? Tell me, is that a busy day in Melbourne in terms of traffic? 'Cause if it is, it aint that bad! On an average day in SA, it's the norm for 'people' to drive like that. You'll almost always come across an accident of some sort, and overloaded taxis drive where they want, how they want and when they want. The video showing the dude running the red light: that's normal practice in my country; and the clip where the taxi overtakes in the emergency lane and jumps the que: taxis over here have changed the emergency lane into a taxi lane - no problem! Whenever there is a major accident on one of the highways and traffic is bumper to bumper, it's normal for 'people' to make u-turns on the highway right infront of oncoming traffic! If that's as bad as it gets in Aus, go down on your knees and say thank you, 'cause you aint seen nothing!

Here are some stats:

In 1998 over 510 000 road traffic accidents were reported in South Africa. (half a million!)

Almost 130 000 people were injured.
Over 10 000 people lost their lives.

The estimated cost of these accidents in Rand amounted to R13.5-bn (A$3.5-bn!)
I guess it depends on what you're used to, i'm sure people from Italy would say Australian drivers are relaxed by their standards.

When are you moving here Vo2?

Overall i think australian is a great place to live. Plus the racing is pretty good in Melbourne, especially the mid week crits in melbourne  :)
Hi admin. I'll post in General about our 'trek' (pardon the pun ;D) to Aus.
Driving is considerably more hazardous than riding, admin I can tell you’re yet to experience cycling in another country.