Vilano Single Speed / Fixed Gear Fixie Track Bicycle


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Aug 4, 2011
I bought my Vilano Single Speed / Fixed Gear Fixie Track Bicycle from road bike outlet. Although it’s been used for 300 miles, but still there are no problems with fork, cranks and rims. The tires require changing, other than tires there is no maintenance cost. I suggest if you want to have better parts in your bike, don’t buy them right away, you better wait until they need to be replaced. I find no problem what so ever in front wheel, brakes and gear configuration. The bike is very light, I find no problem at all in riding it as it is well designed and fast. The frame is very flexible, it makes the riding easy. Some people suggest the parts of the bike needs to be upgraded, even though you spend more money on it still the product is worthy in $249. Road bike outlet offers free shipping and free pedals which adds value to the product.