VINO really in Pain After stage 9


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Jul 17, 2007
This is sad to read this.:mad:

Alexandre Vinokourov: “The rise of the Telegraph was already difficult. Then in Galibier, I had pains everywhere. The team worked well for me, I gave and I did all that I could, but I had very badly with the knees. It was a new day of galère for me…”

Mario Kummer: “For the team, the important thing was not to lose contact with the group “yellow jersey”. When it was seen that Vino had asked for the doctor of race in Galibier and that it could not follow, Andreas Klöden remained only with the first group. He rolled very well besides: the great class. Iglinskiy and Kashechkin also did a super work by supporting Vinokourov. The Turn is not finished. It will be necessary to see what the next one gives against-the-shows. In my opinion, for Vino, most important is its health.”

After Stage 7

Alexandre Vinokourov: “I arrived there! For me, to arrive here is synonymous with victory. Perhaps I gave the impression to roll well in the collar of Colombière, but undeceive you, I really suffered.”

After 6
Alexandre Vinokourov: “It was one day very difficult. My knees made me suffer and more the race advanced more I felt to decrease. The good news is that I could rejoin the arrival with my team which supported me much all the day. From now on, I see from day to day. Tomorrow, I will be at the beginning.”

These are desperate times for Alexander Vinokourov

In order to give it one big effort he burst open the sack of testoterone patches

His testosterone rush (ratio 6,500:1) instantly sprouted him a less than trendy grey mullet. But these were the risks he was willing to take to grab glory in a 2 hour winning break in the Pyrenees.