Virginia Hooper: search for dick.

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  1. lets bang her boys.

  2. "You see dear, there's
    a grave womanly offense
    that's rarely discussed."

    "So that's why Dick has been so cool to me."
  3. Reason lies between the bridle and the spur.
  4. shattered shattered in French is fracassés, fracassée, fracassai,
    shattered in German is zerschmetterte, zerrüttet, zerrüttete
    shattered in Hungarian is darabokra tört, megtört, megviselt,
    shattered in Spanish is estrellado

    shattering shattering in French is fracassant
    shattering in German is zerrüttende, zerrüttend, zerschmetternd

    shatters shatters in French is fracasse
    shatters in German is zerschmettert, zerüttet

    shattered nerves
    shattered nerves in Hungarian is rossz idegállapot, rossz idegek
    sharpshooter in German is Scharfschütze
    sharpshooter in Hungarian is mesterlövész, jó lövész
    sharpshooter in Spanish is tirador de elite

    sharp-toned in Dutch is snibbig, bits
    sharp-toned in French is perçant
    sharp-toned in Portuguese is afiado-sharp-toned

    sharp witted sharp witted in French is perspicace
    sharp witted in German is scharfsinnige, scharfsinnig
    sharp witted in Italian is perspicace
    sharp witted in Spanish is perspicaz
  5. off one's crumpet
    off one's crumpet in Hungarian is kótyagos, nincs ki a négy kereke,

    off in French is disjoncté, distant, acheminement, flamé
    off in German is ausgeschaltet, von, weg, fort
    off in Hungarian is el, távol, lezárva, nem elfoglalt, le, elzárva,
    off in Italian is da, distante, dalla, perso, strada
    off in Norwegian is av
    off in Spanish is apagado, apartado, camino
    off in Swedish is åstad, bort, från

    "To the uneducated, an A is just three sticks."
    ~ A. A. Milne