Visit to Recumbent Factory

Discussion in 'Road Cycling' started by Michael J . Kle, Apr 13, 2004.

  1. Call me a glutton for punishment if you will, but.... I
    have scheduled a visit to TW Bents in Taichung Taiwan for
    Wed, April 14, 2004. I have permission to photograph their
    entire operation and create a detailed report for my
    website. I'm sure that not many readers of this newgroup
    have the opportunity to visit Taichung which is home to
    most of the world's bicycle production, featuring industry
    leaders such as Giant and Merida. TW-Bents Manager, Mr.
    Kevin Kao has kindly offered to be my host for the day and
    answer all my questions with regard to their production
    process and designs. Mr. Kao also explained to me that TW-
    Bents is not as large as Giant, and was rather apologetic
    about my visiting his humble factory (he has no idea that
    I'm going to hit him up with a new design idea for
    recumbent USS and also a die-cast A-380/T6 tadpole bodypan
    that I have in the works - but that's another story, and at
    least 2 more new patents)!

    I will entertain any serious questions for Mr. Kao. Please
    post them here or send them to my email address. I will
    check for posts before i depart on Wed morning. Taiwan is
    now exactly 12 hours ahead of US EDT, or UTC +8.

    Michael J. Klein URL for recumbent report: URL for TW-Bents: Please replace asiancastings
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