Visiting Cyclist from South Africa (Sydney and Gold Coast)


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Oct 15, 2012
Hi there, I am visiting Australia shortly (26 Oct to 6 Nov) and will be staying in Sydney and on the Gold Coast. When I get back I am taking part in a race so I would like to train whilst "down under" but I don't know the roads or best routes, etc. Is there somebody that is willing to play tour guide to me please?

I don't mind if it's MTB or Road or even TT bike rides - but I need to know before I leave because I can only travel with 1 bike. Even better if you have a bike that I can use whilst I am there (with you of course) to save me from travelling with my bike.

It has only been about 18 months since I started riding, but I have been training hard so consider myself an intermediate rider. I currently train with the top Triathlon team in South Africa, although I am not quite as strong as my team members yet.

Thanks so much