Visiting Lake Tahoe - road rides?


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Jun 20, 2006
Hey all,

I'm visiting Lake Tahoe in a few weekends, and I'd like to get some good rides in. Google turns up mainly mountain-bike trails around Tahoe.

The main road ride seems to be the 'around the lake' ride on the highways. I'm a beginner, so 76 miles around the lake is a bit much for me (although certainly a portion of it would work)

Anyhow, any recommendations for some good rides around 20-40 miles long?

I'll be staying in South Lake Tahoe, but I could drive somewhere nearby if need be.

Lots of good rides there. Around the lake is a scary road. No shoulder. Lots of traffic, but maybe it's worth it.

Mt Rose in northeast Lake Tahoe is a great road to climb. Not too steep, great pavement, huge shoulder, great scenery. Country Club Dr which connects to Mt Rose is nasty steep if you desire.

Highway 50 east of Tahoe is the road Greg Lemond trained on for many years.
There may be others...