Vitamin C and vitamin E / oxidative stress

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  1. The benefits of vitamin C and vitamin E in children with
    beta-thalassemia with high oxidative stress.
    Dissayabutra T, Tosukhowong P, Seksan P
    J Med Assoc Thai. 2005 Sep ; 88 Suppl 4: S317-21

    The present study aimed to determine the benefits of vitamin C and
    vitamin E as antioxidant supplements in beta-Thalassemia children who
    are at risk of iron overload due to multiple blood transfusion and high
    oxidative stress. Antioxidant status, oxidative products, plasma free
    hemoglobin, total hemoglobin and bilirubin were discussed. Twenty
    children who had laboratory confirmation of major beta-Thalassemia at
    least 6 months with history of packed red cell transfusion without iron
    chelation were recruited. The informed consent for blood sample
    collection and antioxidant medication was performed. Most patients
    (85%) had hyperferritinemia and all of them had high oxidative stress.
    All of them had low vitamin C and vitamin E level at recruitment. Three
    months after vitamin C and vitamin E supplementation, plasma vitamin C,
    vitamin E and glutathione were significantly increased, while total
    bilirubin was slightly decreased without significance. Other parameters
    included total antioxidant status (TAS), plasma and erythrocyte
    malondialdehyde (MDA), hemoglobin and plasma free hemoglobin had no
    differences during the study period. CONCLUSION: B-Thalassemia major
    children who had multiple blood transfusion are at risk in iron
    overload and high oxidative stress. From the present study, no
    significant improvement in raising hemoglobin and concerning low dose
    vitamin C is not contraindication in beta-Thalassemia patients.
    Therefore, vitamin C plus vitamin E supplementation have benefits more
    than vitamin E alone in promoting antioxidant status and may enhance
    liver function as total bilirubin tends to decrease.

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