Vitamin D needs more calcium to lower hip fracture


Sep 29, 2005
Fri May 18, 2007 6:30PM EDT
By Will Boggs, MD

NEW YORK (Reuters Health) - The risk of hip fracture appears to be reduced by oral vitamin D supplements only if they are accompanied by additional calcium, according to a report in The Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism.

"Supplementation should be targeted to individuals with insufficiencies," Dr. Steven Boonen from Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, Belgium told Reuters Health. This includes individuals older than 75 years; those who are home bound or institutionalized; patients with a diagnosis of osteoporosis; and individuals on steroids or other drugs that decrease bone mineral density.

Boonen and his associates compared the risk of hip fracture using data from vitamin D trials and from vitamin D plus calcium trials. Both compared the supplements with placebo or no treatment.

The risk of hip fracture in the vitamin D-only trials was not statistically significant, the authors report. In contrast, the hip fracture risk in the vitamin D plus calcium trials was reduced by 18 percent, the report indicates.

Combining the data yielded a statistically significant 25-percent lower risk of hip fracture, in favor of vitamin D with additional calcium.

With aging comes a negative calcium balance and for most people this is "due to the combination of inadequate calcium intake and suboptimal vitamin D status," Boonen said. "That is why, in most individuals, a combination of calcium and vitamin D is required to restore calcium balance and reduce fracture risk."

"Current evidence indicates that you need at least 800 IU of vitamin D to reduce fracture risk (and that you need additional calcium supplements), but what we don't know is whether 800 IU of vitamin D is the optimal dose for musculoskeletal health," Boonen added. "Future research should focus on this question."

SOURCE: The Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism, April 2007.


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Feb 3, 2018
It has sense because Vitamin D is essential for healthy bones, it regulates calcium and phosphorus levels in the blood. So for healthy bones Vitamin D serves as a regulator. Vitamin D deficiency would lead to soft bones because the body can't absorb calcium that well.


Apr 13, 2018
Vitamin D is a super important vitamin, and I think that a lot of the problems that people have these days is due to vitamin D deficiencies. A lot of people spend way too much time indoors, whether you spend all day playing video games or if you work in an office. It's hard to get enough vitamin D through diet alone, so it's important to either go outdoors and get some sunlight, or take supplements if you don't have the time. Vitamin D deficiency has been linked to many issues such as insomnia, depression, poor immune system, brittle bones, and heart disease, so it's clearly important that we get enough of it.


Feb 12, 2018
When we talk of riders, we focus on building our muscles and this is something that vitamin D brings to our bones when we take them. The thing is that we should try as much as we can take enough food that have vitamin D.

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