Vitello Arrosto al Latte

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  1. Vitello Arrosto al Latte (Roast Veal with Milk)

    6 Tbsp butter
    1/2 qt. milk
    3 oz. prosciutto, cut into strips
    1 3/4 lbs. veal loin
    Flour for dusting

    Spike the veal with a few strips of prosciutto. Melt the butter and the
    rest of the ham in a saucepan. Dust the veal with flour and brown evenly
    on all sides. Warm up the milk and pour 2 cups of milk over the meat,
    then salt to taste. Lower the heat, cover, and when the milk has been
    absorbed, add more. Continue to do so as the milk gets absorbed. The meat
    will be properly cooked when the milk is finished. Remove the meat and
    slice it evenly. Place on heated platter, pour reduced cooking juices over
    and serve. Any kind of vegetable is suitable for this roast.

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