Vittoria Open Pave Clincher/Rim for Easy Change


New Member
May 9, 2005
Currently, I am running a Zipp 303 w/ a powertap hub. It really is a hassle when there are punctures-- the rims are large making mounting and dismounting tires very difficult plus they aren't really that aero but still require a stem extension. There is no point. Ironically, I love my Mavic Cosmos I can take the tires on and off quite easily by hand(no levers). Any time I spend hassling with equipment is time not spent training.

I am really looking for an easy to change bomb proof set up. I am very seriously considering Vittoria Open Pave Clinchers. I think that while 700/24 they still fit standard rims. Can anyone recommend a decent rim which like Cosmos are easy on and off. I recently bought Campi Khasmin and mounted Conti Ultra port home trainer for my rollers wheels. Unbeleivably, they are even more difficult to mount than the Zipps.

Thank you