Vittoria Revo KXS


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Dec 30, 2003
Anyone try out these Vittoria tires? It seems pretty innovative to have a reversible treads on a single casing. Flip inside out for grip(KX) and the other side for speed (KS). 290 TPI casing also. Sounds like a good idea to be able to flip it inside out depending on season increasing tire life. Especially due to the cost of Vittoria Corsa tires. I wonder what may be compromised in order to allow this feature?
I have ridden them (both sides) and found them OK, but not better than OK.

Overall I would describe them as a bit sluggish and they do feel heavy.

In Vittoria's 2006 range, the Rubino Pro 2 is a very good tyre and rides well.

Reversible tyres have been launched before and they were very heavy too. I think the current KXS is much better but it is not quite there yet imo.